New Book Release Calendar

I have received numerous emails about New Book Releases and where folks can find this information easily since I've stopped posting them here so I decided to start keeping tracking of it again but in a different format.

I have created a Google Calendar with new book release information in the same vein as I did before, keeping track of books in the following genres: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, YA Fantasy/Paranormal, some Horror and Fantasy. I have made this calendar public so you all are welcome to use it, Calendar ID:

Here are several ways to use it (information from Google Help):

- iCalendar - You can use this address to subscribe to this calendar feed in Google Calendar, access this calendar from feed readers (like Google Reader) as well as products that support the iCalendar format (like Apple's iCal).

- HTML - Use this URL to view this calendar directly in your browser window.

- XML - You can use this address to subscribe to this calendar feed from feed readers (like Google Reader).

This will be an ongoing calendar that I will keep updated with the new book releases as I find out about them. If I have missed any or have the wrong date, please feel free to email at donna[.]locklin @ gmail[.]com (remember to reformat properly before using).

UPDATE: I'm currently going through the books I have listed on the calendar and updating the descriptions by adding book covers, links to Goodreads and book summaries.

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