Tigress by the Tail by Teresa D'Amario

Book Blurb:
Lance is a Wizard. He’s not a great wizard, but he’s all right. Descended from a long line of wizards, his brothers taunt him for being slow to learn. And as the youngest, it’s his due course to accept such teasing. Life is good, and normal. For a wizard that is.

Cassie is a Shifter. A tigress to be exact. Raised by her father after her mother’s death she’s as well adjusted as any shifter can be, and still live in the human world, hiding who and what she is.

Bliss comes to a screeching halt the night Satanists kidnap Cassie and her best friend to use as sacrifices to bring forth their Dark Lord. When Cassie literally collides into Lance, she begs him to help them escape their captors, despite the dangers. The couple work together to save the life of Cassie’s friend, only to discover a shocking passion driving them closer together at a time when both should be devastated. But when Lance overhears Cassie’s father threaten his life, he heads for the hills. Cassie follows, determined to clear up the confusion. But evil is still afoot and Cassie is taken by a secret government organization dedicated to the eradication of all things magick. Is Lance willing to put his life on the line for a woman he believes is out to kill him? Especially when he realizes the organization that’s taken her, is the one he works for?

Tigress by the Tail by Teresa D'Amario is a very sensual and exhilarating, with plenty of action and suspense. Every scene in the book just kept hopping from one to next. I liked how all of the characters in the book are believable with everyday people traits, besides the animalistic ones, of course. The way the book ends, leaves open the possibility of future books, I hope. I would love to read Lin and Logan's story. If you haven't read Tigress by the Tail, I don't know what your waiting for? Go read it. Now!

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Wicked Game by Jeri Smith-Ready

Book Blurb:
"Recovering con artist Ciara Griffin is trying to live the straight life, even if it means finding a (shudder!) real job. She takes an internship at a local radio station, whose late-night time-warp format features 1940s blues, 60s psychedelia, 80s Goth, and more, all with an uncannily authentic flair. Ciara soon discovers how the DJs maintain their cred: they’re vampires, stuck forever in the eras in which they were turned.

Ciara’s first instinct, as always, is to cut and run. But communications giant Skywave wants to buy WMMP and turn it into just another hit-playing clone. Without the station—and the link it provides to their original Life Times—the vampires would “fade,” becoming little more than mindless ghosts of the past. Suddenly a routine corporate takeover becomes a matter of life and un-death.

To boost ratings and save the lives of her strange new friends, Ciara re-brands the station as “WVMP, the Lifeblood of Rock ’n’ Roll.” In the ultimate con, she hides the DJs’ vampire nature in plain sight, disguising the bloody truth as a marketing gimmick. WVMP becomes the hottest thing around—next to Ciara’s complicated affair with grunge vamp Shane McAllister. But the “gimmick” enrages a posse of ancient and powerful vampires who aren’t so eager to be brought into the light. Soon the stakes are higher—and the perils graver—than any con game Ciara’s ever played…"

Wicked Game by Jeri Smith-Ready is a very fast paced, at times humorous, urban fantasy romance with a unique style of blending music into the storyline of vampires. I was intrigued by the OCD vampires, you don't normally see a flaw such as this in vampires. Definitely unique. I devoured this book in less than two days. I highly recommend this book and also plan on checking out her other series Aspect of Crow.

If you are a music lover like me, you will enjoy how Ms. Smith-Ready sets mood for the book with music throughout and naming her chapters after songs, that you are sure to recognize. You can go to her web site and grab the playlists for the book - go get them.

Wicked Game is the first book in the WVMP Radio series. The next installment is Bad to the Bone, due to release on May 19, 2009, click here to read the excerpt.

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Unseen World by Sean Cummings

Book Blurb:
"Marshall Conrad's superpowers could save the world...if he ever figures out how to use them.

There's talk of a serial killer terrorizing the good people of Greenfield. Finding him should be easy for a guy with superpowers, but it's not that simple: Flying's not all it's cracked up to be, and this particular villain seems immune to Marshall's tricks.

Marshall's only helpers are an overweight shopkeeping witch, an old Siamese cat, and a hard drinking senior citizen who can lift automobiles. A crazy cast of corrupt cops, Ogres and other Netherworld surprises is all par for the course when you have to save a city from a baneful and simmering evil about to be unleashed."

Unseen World by Sean Cummings is a urban fantasy story full of sarcastic humor that will have you rolling in laughter. It is packed full of paranormal action that keeps the pages flipping. I loved the rich characters and supernatural world created in Unseen World. There was not a dull moment and I have to say my cheeks were hurting from smiling so much while I read it. And there is a touch a of romance. Very enjoyable read, that I highly recommend. I can't wait to see what Mr. Cummings comes out with next.

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Anna Strong Chronicles by Jeanne Stein

The Anna Strong Chronicles by Jeanne C. Stein is a kick-ass, action packed series. As you can tell by my opening, I liked this series. There was never a dull moment in any of the four books so far in this series. And I can't wait to get my hands on the fifth book! Ms. Stein has earned a spot on my auto-buy list with these books. I highly recommend this series.

Anna Strong is a bounty hunter turned vampire on pickup job that should have been easy, but goes wrong. In Anna's new world she finds that vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters, witches and more, truly do exist. She finds several romances along her journey learning how to exist in this new world. Anna knows how to take care of herself. She doesn't take any flak from anyone or creature otherwise. I like how she stands up for what she believes in and recognizes her own faults without trying to make excuses for them.

The fifth book Retribution in this series releases on August 25, 2009 according to Amazon.com. My fingers are tapping, waiting....

Please keep in mind, I am not a professional book reviewer and I am just sharing my opinion on what I have read.

Click on the book title to read an excerpt at the author's web site.
The BecomingThe Becoming
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Blood DriveBlood Drive
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Contest at Blood of the Muse: Grab Bag of Comics

You need to head over to Blood of the Muse's blog for the Grab Bag of Comics:

Young Liars #11 (Vertigo)
Epilogue #1 (IDW Publishing)
Epilogue #2 (IDW Publishing)
X-Men Worlds Apart #1 (Marvel)
Northlanders #11 (Vertigo)
Gravel #5 (Avatar)
Spike After the Fall #1 (IDW Publishing)
Spike After the Fall #2 (IDW Publishing)
Crossed #1 (Avatar)
Devilslayer Dead of the Night #1 (Marvel)

Contest ends: March 30, 2009 at 11:59pm PST. Good Luck!

Why I don't Own an eReader Device and What I'm Reading for eBook Week

There has been a lot talk lately about the new eReaader devices, Kindle 2.0 & Sony PRS-700BC. Which one do you buy? Well, I have contemplated buying an eReader off and on for the past year. But for some reason, I just don't. Which is weird for me since my household has 2 - XBox 360, 1 - Wii, 2 - PS One, PSPs, Gameboys, 2 pcs, 2 laptops, a Macbook, several DVD players and untold number of MP3 players, iPhones, the list could go on and on. I've been known to go out and try the lastest tech gadget.

So, I started thinking, why hadn't I bought an eReader device yet? Well, thought about it and came to this conclusion, it has to do with what I do for living. I sit in front of two computers at work, all day, programming. Actually, I've been wanting to write this blog post for a while and I'm just now getting to it. Why? Because when I get home I don't want to spent a lot of time on the computer, I just spent 8-9 hours doing that already.

Another reason, I like the feel of a book in my hands. I don't have to rely on a battery of any sort. The book is physically in my hands ready to be read as long as I have a light to read by and its dim so it doesn't bother my hubby when I read in bed. :)

Okay now on to the good stuff, the eBook I'll be reading for eBook week is Unseen World by Sean Cummings. Sean was nice enough to give me the eBook, so I will be reading it on my laptop. I hope to start reading it on Saturday. I know that's cutting close for eBook week. What the hey? I'm doing it, right? Plus, I'm finishing up the Anna Strong Chronicles by Jeanne Stein and OCD about book series. I have to read all the books in a series back to back up to the current book.

Check out Jaye Wells' Interview & Contest

Author Interview & Contest with Jaye Wells at Amberkatze's Book Blog. Jaye Wells is the author of Red-Headed Stepchild, to be released on March 31st.

Read the interview and enter the contest, click here. Good Luck!

For more information on the book click on this book's widget to right. :)

Interview: Theresa Meyers author of Salvation of the Damned

Patricia's Vampire Notes is interviewing Theresa Meyer today and having a contest. Theresa Meyer is the author of Salvation of the Damned. Very good interview, need to check it out. I really like Theresa's new take on vampires.

Contest is until 11:59 March 4, so hurry! Click here for interview & contest.

image linked from Patricia's Vampire Notes

My Avatar

First AvatarI've been messing with my avatar all weekend. I have been wanting to change my avatar since I got the first one (the one to left here). I wanted my avatar to be a true representative of me. The problem is I hate taking pictures and I really don't like pictures of myself. This makes it kind of hard to create an avatar without a starting picture.

So, I ended up taking a picture of myself, cropping out the background. I have created several versions of this one picture with Photoshop. Every time I have posted a new version of this picture, I look at it and think "Man, I still don't like it." So, I go back into Photoshop and play some more with the picture. Have changed it a total of 4 times already. People on Twitter and Blogger, if they have noticed, are probably wondering why my avatar keeps changing. I know, nut-case, right?

My Current Avatar.Well, I ended up cartoonizing my picture. Right now, I am semi-happy with it. So, I'll leave it alone for awhile. Maybe.
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Unseen World by Sean Cummings

You need to check this new book to release tomorrow as an ebook, March 2nd, Unseen World by Sean Cummings. I read the excerpt and watched the book trailer, and it definitely has caught me attention. Go to the author's website and check the book trailer. The author says the book will be release in print at a later date.

On Sean's blog, he is also giving away a copy of Unseen World, you have until midnight March 2nd to enter. Click here for the giveaway.

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