Unseen World by Sean Cummings

You need to check this new book to release tomorrow as an ebook, March 2nd, Unseen World by Sean Cummings. I read the excerpt and watched the book trailer, and it definitely has caught me attention. Go to the author's website and check the book trailer. The author says the book will be release in print at a later date.

On Sean's blog, he is also giving away a copy of Unseen World, you have until midnight March 2nd to enter. Click here for the giveaway.


Amy C said...

Hi! I wanted to stop over and say thanks for commenting on the Anne Bishop post :).

This book caught my eye! Umm, That is my husbands name, however he spells Sean Shawn. That's kinda weird to see that. I might have to look into it some more.

Donna said...

Thanks for stopping by! I plan on reading Unseen World as soon as I finish up the Anna Strong Chronicles, which I'm really enjoying. I read the except & watched the book trailer for Unseen World, looked really interesting. Plus, since it is e-book week, this will be my e-book read.

Amy C said...

You're welcome :). And I'll be back. I like your blog!

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