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First AvatarI've been messing with my avatar all weekend. I have been wanting to change my avatar since I got the first one (the one to left here). I wanted my avatar to be a true representative of me. The problem is I hate taking pictures and I really don't like pictures of myself. This makes it kind of hard to create an avatar without a starting picture.

So, I ended up taking a picture of myself, cropping out the background. I have created several versions of this one picture with Photoshop. Every time I have posted a new version of this picture, I look at it and think "Man, I still don't like it." So, I go back into Photoshop and play some more with the picture. Have changed it a total of 4 times already. People on Twitter and Blogger, if they have noticed, are probably wondering why my avatar keeps changing. I know, nut-case, right?

My Current Avatar.Well, I ended up cartoonizing my picture. Right now, I am semi-happy with it. So, I'll leave it alone for awhile. Maybe.
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