A Change & Giveaway Roundup – 11/18/09

life-balance In an effort to allow myself more time outside of my Google Reader, I've implemented the Pareto Principle also known as the 80/20 rule on my Wednesday postings with the news and giveaways. The giveaways and free reads will now take over the Wednesday postings. Looking at the giveaways, most include an interview or guest post from an author. Ultimately the purpose of most giveaways are to get author's book(s) out there for notice to the readers.

As much as I like to report the news in the book world, as some of you have commented, it's very time consuming. This is probably the most time consuming part of any of my postings plus it ties me to my reader, daily. The giveaways don't. I want to devote more time to reading and a few other things in the real world instead.

In the future, if time allows, I will resume the news postings because it's something I love sharing with everyone. I'll most likely do random posts on news items, just not scheduled. I couldn't cut myself off completely. *grins*

Here are several sites that do a superb job of getting the latest and hottest news out on books plus extras. If your not already following these sites in your reader, I highly recommend you do:

  • Dark Faerie Tales - Angela amazes me with her finds on the latest upcoming books and their covers. She's already doubled my wish list for future releases.
  • Literary Escapism - Jackie puts out news postings usually a couple of times a week. She's always unearthing a tantalizing piece of news on books or their authors and where they are being interviewed.
  • SciFiGuy.ca - Doug does a very thorough Urban Fantasy Weekend Report every Saturday plus his always spotlighting new book covers in the speculative fiction genres.
  • Stumbling Over Chaos – Usually about once a week, Chris posts a links roundup of interesting bits she's found around the web. I've always found something in these roundups.

Free Reads:

Giveaways Around the Virtual World:

As always, I hope you find a new a book or an author that you've not heard of before listed here. Good Luck! The ongoing contest list is on my blog's sidebar.


Amy C said...

Hi Donna :)

Wow, it seems like there are more giveaways this time around than usual!
You do such a wonderful job with your posts, but it's definitely important to still have time for reading :).

Jo said...

Thanks for linking to my contest Donna! Great round up! :)

Ellz said...

Donna, I just started doing a newz post, I thought it would go nicely with yours (both on Wed), please let me know if you start again so I can link to you. I adore you, you are one of my favorite bloggers. Great post.

Elie (Ellz Readz)

Jess (The Cozy Reader) said...

Awesome post. As always, thanks for the link love! :)

Donna said...

Amy - Thanks, I was starting to feel the drag on putting out that post weekly. Too much sleep lost. I get real cranky when I didn't get enough sleep. LOL!

Jo - You're welcome and thank you. :)

Elnice - Thank you, I appreciate you telling me that. :) But it was getting hard to get that post weekly. If I didn't work full time, it would definitely be something I would keep up with no problems. I'll be checking out your newz post. I can appreciate the hard work that goes into that type of posting.

Jessica - You're welcome, happy to link to you. :)

Blodeuedd said...

Some awesome stuff as usual :D
Oh love that free read, going over at once

Sophia (FV) said...

You do a fantastic job here! This is my "go-to" site for info. Thanks for all you do Donna. :)

Anonymous said...

News posts are really time intensive and I totally understand. :)

Chris said...

Thanks for the kind mentions! And great info.

Makes sense to me about the book news! I have always been amazed and humbled by how much you cram into these and I could TELL they took a long time.

Erotic Horizon said...

Hey Donna

Once again a brilliant round up and I so understand the time this takes to do, I hope you get the chance to update us more often than not...

It feels like christtmas in blogland - what a ton of giveaways...


VampFanGirl said...

I totally understand your desire to cut back Donna. Are you sure that posting all these giveaways isn't time consuming cause DAY-um!

Hugs, VFG

A Buckeye Girl Reads said...

Wow-what a huge list of giveaways! You do a fantastic job of gathering the news-but I don't blame you for wanting more time for reading!

Donna said...

Blodeuedd - I was glad to see the free read too, I've been wanting to try a read of Cynthia Eden.

FV - You're welcome!

TJ - Thanks for understanding. :)

Chris - You're welcome! Just sharing your great posts with everyone.

EH - Every since this summer seems there contests/giveaways around every blog corner.

VFG - Thanks! Actually the giveways I add to my side bar throughout the week. All I do for this post is reformat a couple of things and add some book covers. Done. Easy peasy. ;)

Colette - Blogging kinda of took off unexpectedly for me. Which has been fun but I miss the reading time I use to have.

Alexia561 said...

This looks pretty time consuming as well, but what a great round-up! Thanks for sharing! :)

Donna said...

Hi Alexia - not as much time as the news. I can't leave everyone hanging like that by not doing any of this. ;) You're welcome! I hope your feeling better and resting.

SciFiGuy said...

Thanks for the mention Donna. Excellent roundup as always.

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