Bound to Shadows by Keri Arthur - Winner!

Congratulations to the
Bound to Shadows Winner!

Giveaway Comment/Question: Tell me your favorite character in the Riley Jenson Guardian series or tell me which would you rather be a vamp, werewolf or a hybrid like Riley Jenson.

Icejewel (Icejewel) Said, “Being a vampire would be very sexy..but the idea of my skin to be always cold and hiding from sunlight, if the myths are true, will be such a big NO-NO.
On the other hand, if I am a werewolf, the idea of my clothes torn when I am turning into a wolf will be very horrible !!
So, a mix of both should be excellent.. :)”

Thank you everyone for stopping by and entering the giveaway.

The winner has been notified by email. Icejewel , please send me an email with your street mailing address if you did not receive my email. My email is located at the top of my blog, click on the Contact Me link.

Bound to Shadows by Keri Arthur - | Read the excerpt | Riley Jenson Guardian Series

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Chris said...

Congrats to Icejewel!

IceJewel said...

hey Donna,

I am totally excited to read this book.Thanks a lot..!!

Awesome Contest ! Awesome Question !

IceJewel said...

@Chris : thanks :)

IceJewel said...

oh BTW , I have responded to your mail long back.

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