Check out Chris Howard's Seaborn iPad App

I have a couple of interactive books from the iBooks store which are pretty innovative but Chris Howard has just taken the interactive experience with a book to a whole new level. Chris has created an iPad app for his urban fantasy novel Seaborn which includes a compilation of his online graphic novel Saltwater Witch. The man is so very talented, he is also the artist for Saltwater Witch.

But that's not all! He also includes an audio of him reading Seaborn, which you can listen to as you read the novel. He even included the ability to read the novel along with graphic novel Saltwater Witch. There are so many goodies included like his author notes, maps, a character list with a punctuation key, the first five chapters of Sea Throne, the sequel to Seaborn and his art portfolio on for his novels. And much more.

And...guess what? Not only is the app visually appealing, Chris is giving it to everyone for FREE! So if you have an iPad and your ready for a new reading experience check out Chris's Seaborn iPad app.

Go here is read Chris Howard's announcement for his newly release app. He has graphics demoing his app. Very cool!

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Summary from Goodreads:

Corina Lairsey has just clawed her way free from one controlling relationship when she finds herself in another-only this guy, Aleximor, has really gotten under her skin. Literally. A 400-year-old sorcerer who gathers the drowned dead off the ocean's floor for the King of the Seaborn, he's inside her head and is wearing her body like a wetsuit. Corina desperately schemes to regain control of her self, fighting against time as Aleximore trades pieces of her life away in exchange for power over the path between the worlds of the living and the dead . . .

Kassandra is the King of the Seaborn's granddaughter. She comes from the sea, but has spent her whole life in exile on the surface, struggling to control frightening powers she barely understands. She declares war on her murderous grandfather and manipulates her family, friends, oceanic royalty, and the US Navy to aid her- but Aleximore intends to use Kass to carry out his revenge against the entire Seaborn royal line. And she's also fallen in love-one more struggle for an already troubled soul.


Anonymous said...

Awesome! Thanks for spreading the word, Donna!


Lea said...

Oh, now I want an iPad even more! This sounds amazing. Thanks so much for the heads-up Donna!

Donna said...

Hi Chris, happy to do it! You really out did yourself on the app. :)

Hey Lea, I've told you before but I don't mind saying it again, "I LOVE MY IPAD!!!" LOL! Seriously, I really do. If you get the chance to snag one Lea, do it. I promise you won't regret it. My hubby says he's jealous of it sometimes...and he's the one who bought it for me. ;)

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