New Book Releases - Week of September 12, 2010

Happy New Release Week, enjoy!

This information is pulled from my Google Calendar using Javascript so you will need to open this post outside of your feed reader/email program to view this information in it's entirety. If you would like to link to my Google Calendar "New & Upcoming Book Releases", instructions on how to do this are listed here.

If I have missed any new book release(s) in the Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance (including YA within these genres) for this week, please leave a comment on this post so I can add it. Thanks!


Lea said...

Hi Donna!

Thank you for your awesome update. I LOVE the way you have set up and streamlined your new blogsite and connected with Goodreads. It is brilliant, as you are.

Thanks so much for sharing and I hope you are well. :-)

Blodeuedd said...

hope all is well Donna :)

Donna said...

Hi Lea - You're welcome! I'm glad you like it. I'm actually thinking creating a more detail tracking web site outside of this blog on a dedicated web site...I'm still plotting it. ;)

Hey there B! I'm doing good. Keeping busy with the fam and the rest of my little piece of the world. I hope your doing good as well.

Amy C said...

Hi, Donna :D

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