New Kindle Release 10/15/2010: The Last of the Demon Slayers by Angie Fox

New cover

Angie Fox announced today that her latest Demon Slayer book, The Last of the Demon Slayers will be released this coming Friday, Oct 15, 2010 in ebook format at the Kindle Store. The paperback copy of the book will follow a few weeks after the ebook's release. The book will also be released with a new cover designed by Hot Damn Designs, that's very similar to the one that was going to be released this coming December by Dorchester Publishing.

I had wondered about this series (and a few others) since the Dorchester announcement about going digital and I'm glad to see Angie has found a way to get her latest book out to the readers.
The Last of the Demon Slayers by Angie Fox
Release Date: 10/15/2010
Genre: Paranormal Romance 
Series: Demon Slayer #4 
Author's Website: 
Publisher: Self-Publish 
Media: eBook 
Summary: Lizzie Brown would like to have one normal date. Instead, she gets a towering inferno with a message: her long-lost dad is a fallen angel in danger of becoming a demon. Not good. Especially since she’s a demon slayer. Her grandma advises her to stay out of it. Her sexy-as-sin shape-shifter boyfriend would much rather she devote her attention to more carnal pursuits. And her dog’s one demand is for more bacon. After all, he can’t train his pet dragon on an empty stomach. But Lizzie knows there’s no other choice but to hop on her Harley and help her dad—even if the search for the truth brings a bad-boy slayer back into her life and leads her into the middle of a war to end all wars.
Old cover


Anna said...

I didn't realize she was at Dorchester until yesterday when I noticed it on one of the bookmarks I have. Glad to see it's coming out so soon. Thanks for the heads up Donna! :)

DawnsReadingNook said...

Wow...I had the last book on my reading list still. I am definitely going to grab this one and check them out. Thanks for the update. Love the blog.

Donna said...

Hi Anna, The whole Dorchester shakeup has left a lot question marks concerning some books. This time around the readers get a book a lot earlier than expected plus we can see Angie's keeping the series going. You're welcome!

Hi Raine, You're welcome and thank you! I'm glad you like it here. :)

Cheeky Girl said...

Glad to see this series will continue! Hate what is happening to many great writers and series at Dorchester.

Donna said...

CheekyGirl, I feel the same way! I hope all of the authors find new homes for their books. :)

jacentnafziger said...

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