Will I Ever Catch Up?

I just started reading Urban Fantasy & Paranormal Romance late this past summer. Before I usually only read Fantasy/Dark Fantasy or Horror books, like Neil Gaiman, Dean Koontz, Ann Rice, Margret Weis & Tracy Hickman and R.A. Salvotore, the list goes on.

Well, actually, years ago I did read Bitten by Kelley Armstrong, when it very first published. I really enjoyed that book and wanted to read more of the same type of genre but couldn't find any.

Since summer, I have rediscovered UF & PNR, so as you can imagine I have been gobbling up books as fast as I can. It's seems since I had read Bitten, these genres have gone through a boon. But it seems my To Be Read list just keeps growing and growing. I have discovered so many new authors, especially through the blogosphere. There are so many reviews and interviews. So much information on finding books in this genre, it just crazy wonderful. Every time I come across a new one, I think "Oooh, oooh, I have got to read that one!" Then I discover there were several novels before that one, so I end finding out I need to read an entire series.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining about books in a series. Because I love finding series, to me a series mean there is just more of the "that" to come. Which I love knowing.

But "Whew!" My PDA is getting full. I been keeping my TBR list in One Notes, so I can keep track of all that I have bought/read/want to read/want to buy. It acutally has become quite a task keeping track of this list.

So, I asked myself today "Will I ever catch up?"


Anonymous said...

The rule of/for Mt TBR seems to be that it never gets less, or stays less for long.

I doubt that helps any, but... Just know you're not alone in wondering if TBR will ever be conquered, because every bibliophile will know it.

(Also, hi! ^-^)

Donna said...

Thanks for the cheer. I love to read but man, lately there have been so, so many new releases that just sound great. I guess, I am getting that antsy feeling to read them.

Anonymous said...

At least yours are all new releases instead of old ones? If I could stick to 'new releases' I'd go from a wishlist of a hundred to one I can count on both hands. (It helps that I don't keep up to date with new releases, I guess.)

How far behind on your TBR list are you, if you don't mind my asking... I'm currently at 160 books or so to read myself, so I'm really trying (and failing) to curb my book-addiction. I don't think more books to read would be so daunting to me if I didn't have such a huge list. And you can't stop buying books because they'll still be there when you're doing with your list, waiting. And they'll have multiplied. You can't win from the books...

(*pokes cmment* Why won't you post?)

Donna said...

Since you asked I went and counted what I have been stock piling in my bookshelves, drum roll please...and the count is 94. This does not include my virtual list of what I want to read or future releases to the series I have already read. Wow, this is crazy, huh?

I actually am keeping up with future releases plus new authors - I can't seem to stay away. I love when I come across someone new to read, it like entering a whole new world. I get so excited, My husband calls me a nerd...oh, well, could be called worse.

It's nice chatting with a fellow avid book reader. Thanks!

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