Ever want to buy a book because of it's cover?

Has the cover of a book alone attracted you to it and make you want to buy it? Even though you hadn't read the synopsis yet, you still want to get it? I do. Sounds dumb or weird? Well, every now and again, I'll come across a book cover that just captures my attention totally. I just want to grab it and treat it like it's my pretty. Of course, I do end up reading the synopsis, to decide if I want to read and buy it. I know, don't judge a book by it's cover. But sometimes that book cover can be so compelling.

Gardens of the Moon By Steven Erikson is one of those books. This book cover, illustrated by Michael Komarck, reminds me of the R. A. Salvatore books on the dark elf Drizzit. Of course, this book is a limited edition and costs $125.00. Bummer.


Anna said...

Yes, this happens to me all the time. LOL! Sometimes though the story doesn't live up to the cover.

Donna said...

So true! What a disappoint when this happens. Your only consolidation prize is truly the book cover then. :-)

Mishel (P.S. I Love Books) said...

I'm such a cover freak! Good thing is I do tend to read the synopsis and I am able to put the book down if it doesn't tickle my fancy, regardless of how much I love the cover (=

P.S. that $125 is killing me lol BUt I do love that Erikson cover!

Amy C said...

That is an amazing cover. I have bought several books based on the cover. Some times the synopsis will sway me but sometimes the cover overrides even that.

Donna said...

It's nice to know there are others out there who fall for a book cover just as easily as I do. :)

I've always loved and admired fantasy art. I can look at the book covers and just imagine the story that might be behind it.

Teresa D'Amario said...

Hi Fantasy Dreamer. :)

We have nominated you for the Zombie Chicken Blog award here:


Thanks for having an awesome blog, and spreading the word about all the awesome books out there!

The ladies of Shapeshifter Romance.

Donna said...

This is awesome and absolutely unexpected for me! Thank you for the award, Ladies of Shapeshifter Romance. :)


Patricia Altner said...

What a fantastic cover! I absolutely love it altho I am not willing to part with $125 even if there is a great story with it.

I also love fantasy art. There used to be a store in Annapolis that sold nothing but. My husband and I always made a stop there when in town. Unfortunately it has closed.

Donna said...

Oh Patricia, I absolutely love fantasy art. Have to keep myself from drooling sometimes. I could browse through art stores with fantasy themes for hours. And that is sad about the fantasy art store, that's too bad.

Yep, you are right about the $125 price tag, it's too steep for my pocketbook. I would buy the paperback for the story. :)

Matt said...

Absolutely! And you're right, this one looks very intriguing!

Donna said...

Matt, sometimes if your lucky, a good read is behind that gorgeous cover. This looks like a good read, indeed.

Alexander Field said...

Fantastic cover...I still need to read that one! : )

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