TV Show: Harper's Island

I found out about Harper's Island, a new TV show on CBS, over at I haven't really been excited about a TV show in awhile but this one looks like it might be worth watching. Harper's Island looks like it will be a dark thriller with a lot of twists and possibly some paranormal elements. CBS has already aired two of the episodes, so I have some catching up to do on CBS's website before the third episode airs on April 23rd. Yeah, I'm syked about it!

Check out the preview:


Amy C said...

That's a TV series? That's some creepy stuff!

The last show I used to watch faithfully was The X-Files. That is until Mulder left and that one guy filled his slot. I loved that show.

Donna said...

Yeah, that's what I thought when I watched the preview on Harper's Island.

Same here on X-Files, after David D. wasn't a regular, didn't watch the show as religiously as I did before that. 'Cuz X-Files wasn't the same without the Scully & Mulder team. They made the show what it was - Great.

Alison said...

I watched the first episode and only made it about 1/2 way through the 2nd. It had a lot of potential, but just isn't doing it for me. Certainly NOT X-files. I prefer Fringe.

Donna said...

Alison - I've yet to find a show that can compete with the X-Files. ;)

I've heard a lot about Fringe but I haven't watched it yet. I always forget when TV shows come on and get side tracked easily. Need to try & catch up on before I try to make a commitment to watching.

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