Iron Kissed - Mercy Thompson, Book 3 by Patricia Briggs

Iron KissedIron Kissed by Patricia Briggs
Mercy Thompson Series: Book 3
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Year: 2008
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Book Blurb:
Mechanic Mercy Thompson can shift her shape - but not her loyalty. When her former boss and mentor is arrested for murder and left to rot behind bars by his own kind, it's up to Mercy to clear his name, whether he wants her to or not.

Mercy's loyalty is under pressure from other directions, too. Werewolves are not known for their patience, and if Mercy can't decide between the two cares for, Sam and Adam may make the choice for her...

To be honest, when I read the book blurb on Iron Kiss, I wasn't too excited about the story being centered around the fae. I felt this way, because so far in the previous books, they really didn't seem too interesting to me other than wondering who the Gray Lords were. Boy, was I wrong! I was pulled into the story in the very first chapter.

Iron Kissed picks up about a month after Blood Bound ends. Mercy is pretty much on her own throughout her investigation into clearing Zee, her former boss and good friend, of a murder charge because the fae are willing to let him be the fall guy, so the humans don't start nosing around fae business. The vampires are mostly non-existent in this book other than a few thoughts that Mercy has about them here and there. The werewolves are all on edge because the situation between Mercy, Adam and Samuel has reach its boiling point, she needs to choose one now or things are going to get nasty around the werewolves.

Like all the previous books in this series, this book moves at fast pace with a ton of action and mystery building while keeping the characters and the world they live in believable. Mercy stays true to her character of being "Miss Independence" with a lot of tenacity, which just endears me even more to her. The following excerpt, just about perfectly sums up Mercy's habit of finding trouble, it is a conversation between Mercy and Samuel.

The first thing Samuel said was, "You have a real gift for getting into trouble, don't you? That was one thing I forgot when you left the pack."

"How is any of this my fault?" I asked hotly.

He sighed. "I don't know. Does it matter whose fault it is once you're sitting in the middle of the frying pan?" He gave me a despairing look. "And as my father used to point out, you find your way into that frying pan way too often for it to purely accidental."

The end of this book was a real roller coaster ride of emotions, that left me with a bittersweet feeling, actually thinking of the end right now, has me getting all choked up and teary-eyed again. I need to hurry on to next book, Bone Crossed because now I am addicted to the Mercy Thompson series and I need my fix.

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Moira Rogers - Bree said...

I'll be interested to see what you think of the next book! I'll be honest, the books that focus on the vampires (Bone Crossed does to some extent) aren't always my favorites, but as I'm a pretty huge fan of Adam I really wanted to read more about him. :D I loooove Adam.

suzie townsend said...

This is a great series, and I'm interested to see what happens in Silver Borne as well as in the companion series Alpha and Omega.

Donna said...

Bree, I've started Bone Crossed. So far, it has started out an exciting pace. Oh, yes I do like Adam and I'm hoping to see Samuel find a mate. Samuel pulls on my sympathy strings.

Donna said...

Hi Suzie, I have On the Prowl and Cry Wolf waiting for me, when I finish Bone Crossed, plan on getting to them soon. I'm enjoying the world Patricia Briggs has created - immensely!

Angiegirl said...

I love watching another Mercy addict be born. :) I love the vampires and Stefan in particular so I loved BONE CROSSED and Mercy and Adam are perfect together. That is all.

Mandi said...

Loved Iron Kissed..and yes the ending..ugh. Poor Mercy.

Bone Crossed is awesome too!

Donna said...

Hey Angiegirl! Yep, I'm officially a Mercy addict! Are there meetings I should be going to for this addiction? LOL!

Donna said...

Hi Mandi! Yes, the ending was, *big heavy sigh* but I'm glad she has Mr. Alpha now. Enjoying Bone Crossed so far!

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