Two Great Legends of Our Time

Today was a very sad day indeed. First, Farrah Fawett lost her courageous fight against cancer at the age of 62. I remember her as the beautiful Charlie's Angel with the brightest smile. Practically every teenage boy and girl had her poster up on their wall. And what girl didn't want the "feathered look"? When I was about 8 years old, I can remember watching with fascination, my mom's friend's teenage daughters fixing their hair into the Farrah Do, and thinking, "When I get big enough to use a curling iron, that was HOW I'm fixing my hair." It's amazing, though I was really young, when I think of her, I just picture, very vividly, that beautiful smile of hers.

Then late today, Michael Jackson went into cardiac arrest and past away at the age of 50. What a shocker! This one really blew me away because it was so unexpected. Michael's Thriller album was the very first cassette tape I bought when I was 13. I remember playing it over and over again while I practiced doing my superb imitation of Michael's Moonwalk, well at I thought it was.

A lot of Michael's music had a message, about unity no matter who you were and to be who you are. But I have to say, I think Michael would have lead a happier life, if he could've followed his own advise in his songs. I will miss Michael.

Farrah Fawett and Michael Jackson are two great legends of our time, who left most of us with some very fond and inspiring memories. They will always be remembered and may they rest in peace.


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