Currently Reading Christine Feehan's Dark Series

I started reading the Dark Series this past Sunday. I have already read Dark Prince and Dark Desire. Now I am reading Dark Gold.

Dark Prince was touch and go, places throughout the book it seemed a bit disjointed but I liked it enough to finish it.

I liked the way Dark Desire started but I kind of got a bit frustrated with Shea. Shea behavior just seemed to be contradictory, not sure how to put it. Her character's behavior really didn't give me much confidence in her - too wishy-washy.

Again, I really liked the way Dark Gold started out with a lot thrilling action, something happening almost every page. But then it kinda slowed down. Right now, I am on page 244 and feeling pretty irritated at Alex - feeling like I did about Shea. Hopefully, it will get better.

If I start a book, I will usually finish it, just to see if it will get better. Plus, I HAVE to know how it ends. The book has to be pretty bad for me not to finish it. All in all, I will probably keep reading the Dark Series because now I have to see where the plots lead to.


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