Panic Attack!

OMG! I have been reading the Immortals After Dark series by Kresley Cole, I just finished "Wicked Deeds on a Wicked Night", went to my bookshelf to get the next book "Dark Needs at Night's Edge" to read and couldn't find it. My heart started mind started racing. I was thinking "Didn't I get that book?", "I could of swore I got the whole series. Right?" Then I started thinking, "Well, what is the fastest way I can get the next book?"

The realization that tomorrow would be the soonest I could it (from but to me that wasn't fast enough. I started thinking, "What am I going to read tonight? Oh, no, that won't work." Then I realized, last night I put the darn book on my nightstand because I was almost finished with "Wicked Deeds on a Wicked Night"! Next thought to self, "Now, how much more dense could I get?!?!" I was so relieved, I had to laugh at myself!


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