The Betrayal by Pati Nagle

Book Blurb:
The noble and magical aelven were riven by war when a rogue clan embraced a forbidden source of magic: the drinking of blood. In the bitter fighting that ensued, the vampiric Clan Darkshore were cast out of the aelven and driven across the Ebon Mountains. Stripped of their various clan colors, they were thenceforth known only as “alben,” hated and shunned. An uneasy peace now holds over the land, but it is whispered that Shalár, the beautiful and bloodthirsty queen of the alben, is readying a surprise attack to win back all that was lost–and none can say where or when she will strike.

The fate of the clans will depend on two young aelven lovers, Eliani and Turisan, who are blessed with a legendary gift: the fabled power of mindspeech. But this ability comes with great risks. Time is running out as the alben mount their attack–and their ultimate betrayal.

The Betrayal is a romantic fantasy told from three main point of views, Eliani, Turisan and Shalár. They live in a world where the aelven are the dominate race but divided. The aelven consider themselves to be a race of good elves, who rule their world by trying to do no harm and staying inline with nature. The alben are elves who have gone against the aelven creed by drinking the blood of kobalen. The kobalen are primative, hairy man-like creatures with questionable intelligence. The aelven do not consider the alben to be part of their aelven race anymore, ever since the Bitter wars, which was caused by the blood drinking.

Eliani hasn't been so lucky in the love department, so when she discovers the gift of mindspeech with Turisan, she is very hesitant and scared about accepting it and the love Turisan has to offer. The road to acceptance for Eliani is littered with ghosts from her past, so Turisan has many obstacles in his way while he tries to convince Eliani of his love for her. But Eliani has to decide quick, because the use of mindspeech could be the deciding factor of who will be the victor, if her people have to go to war.

Shalár, the queen of the alben, wants to reclaim the land, Fireshore, that was lost to her clan during the Bitter wars. She has been plotting to bring Fireshore and prosperity back to her dwindling clan, that begins to unfold unbeknown to the aelven. Shalár can be a fierce ruler and at the same time a compassionate soul.

The book cover for The Betrayal caught my attention at the bookstore but I didn't buy it then. Later that same day, I read a review on it at Romance Book Wyrm, which got me very interested. So, I ordered it online and I was not disappointed. I really enjoyed reading The Betrayal, it reminded me of the Dragonlance worlds but with much more romance mixed in. The storyline moves along at a good pace, Pati Nagle keeps your interest peaked as you turn each page. You'll find yourself wondering just whose side are you on, the Aelven or the Alben.

The Betrayal is the first book in the Aelven series, the second book Heart of the Exiled is due out late spring/early summer of 2010 according to Pati Nagle's web site. There is a map, cast of characters, a glossary and more on the Aelven web site, good references while reading the book.

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maureen said...

Just finished the Betrayal I was so annoyed I did not realize this was going to be the first in a series and now I am hooked!! Not only am I hooked but I also have to wait to read the next book!! UG!!

Donna said...

Hi Maureen - I know what you mean, we have to wait almost a whole year for the next book in this series. But on the bright side, we've found another good book. :)

jason the cool said...

Huh! I missed this post back when you posted it :(. I'm glad you liked The Betrayal! You already know I thought it was a fine read. But sadly, I learned recently that the second book was moved. It's now not scheduled for release until 2011!! How freakin terrible is that? I don't understand why publishers do that. At least from what I gathered from the author it was a publisher decision. I really want to read it!

Like you said, I don't mind wiating for the next book because we did find a good book :). It's not one I will forget about when it finally does hit the shelves.

Donna said...

What!?! 2011! That seems so far away. It does make you wonder what sort of marketing plan is going through the publishers minds when they make decisions like this. In my opinion, waiting longer than a year between books in a series is a bad marketing idea.

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