Mission: Find Mark of the Demon by Diana Rowland ASAP

Even though I had pre-ordered Mark of the Demon by Diana Rowland (Release date: June 23, 2009), when I found out that book stores were selling copies before the release date, I got excited. I've been looking forward to reading this book for quite awhile. So, at first I kept checking my Amazon.com account to see if they were preparing my copy for shipment, everyday. And each time I checked and it still said the expected receive date was June 25th, I would think, "Come on Amazon! Ship it, ship it! Please!"

So, this weekend I decided I would see if I could find it locally. I was determined to get an early copy, it had become my mission. I know, some of you might be thinking, "Donna, it's only a couple of days to wait." But haven't you ever just wanted something so bad, you had to have it as soon as possible?

Yesterday, Saturday, I went to my local Borders to see if they had Mark of the Demon out on the shelves yet. I asked the sales guy about the book, he checked their inventory and said they had eight copies of the book. He went back to the storage room but came back out empty handed. I got a sinking feeling I was about hear something I didn't want to hear. I was right, he told me that the books were in one of six boxes that they had received a couple of days ago and wouldn't be able to find it just yet but I could come back on Monday. Well, several things ran through my mind as he told me this: 1) I could offer to sort their boxes 2) I could throw a fit until he came back with a copy 3) Just smile nicely, thank him for looking and leave quietly. I did the later, Mom ingrained good manners into me just a little too well.

Today, we went out of town for Father's Day brunch and what do you know? There was a Barnes & Noble right across the street from the restaurant. You see, it was my idea to go to Cheddars, because I knew there was a B&N close by, hence my strategic thinking. Since there was a 30 minute wait until we would be seated, I took the opportunity to go over to B&N to look for Mark of the Demon.

They had it!!! The happy dancing commenced with a giddy smile on my face and I was singing "Hallelujah! Hallelujah!" in my head (I don't sing out loud, people appreciate this).

I'm so thoroughly happy right now! I final got my hot, little hands on a copy of Mark of the Demon. Mission Accomplished!

My husband asked me if I was going to cancel my pre-order since Amazon hadn't shipped it yet, I told him "Nope. Probably going to give the extra copy away after I finish reading my copy." So stay tuned folks, because I will be having a contest for my extra copy here in the near future. But for now, I'm going off to read my precious.


Diana Rowland said...

You. Are. Awesome. :)

Donna said...

Hi Diana!

*Big, Big Smile* of a cheshire cat. Thank you for writing the awesome book causing the smile.


Lea said...

Wow Donna!

I think I need to acquire and read this book!!!

Delighted your perserverance paid off!!


Jacqueline C. said...

I want to get my hands on a copy ASAP too!

Mandi said...

Whoohoo!! Awesome find:) Can't wait to read it and compare notes:) I have it pre-ordered on Kindle!!

Michelle Greathouse said...


I can't wait to read your thoughts on this book. :) I am looking forward to reading it.


Leontine said...

Oh Donna,
I really like your way of thinking and strategy *wicked grin* and like all the others I will wait on your thoughts/review of it...you do plan on doing this right? Now that you got me all hot and bothered about this book!

Running off now to check out this book you're raving about LOL

Donna said...

Hi Everyone,

So far this book is very, very good! And this point in the book, I can say "Yes, it is definitely a book that should be on your list of to reads." I will write up my thoughts when I finish it and would love to trade thoughts with everyone.


Kimberly Swan said...

You are just too funny! I'm so happy that you accomplished your mission to find it out on the shelves. *grin* I really enjoyed Mark of the Demon as well, and I hope we'll be seeing more soon! :)

Donna said...

Hi Kimberly,

Glad you enjoyed my adventure, it was only half of the fun. Reading it was a treat! :)

I really enjoyed Mark of the Demon, the end left some intriguing "Hmm, now how's that going to play out?" So, yeah, I hope there is another. *runs off to Diana's website to snoop...*


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