Moon Called - Mercy Thompson, Book 1 by Patricia Briggs

Moon Called by Patricia Briggs
Mercy Thompson Series: Book 1
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Year: 2006
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Mercy (short for Mercedes) Thompson is not your average girl. She is an auto mechanic, running her own garage, and she is a walker. She was born with the ability to shift into a coyote. Mercy's doesn't really know much about what she is but she does know that she is rare and there aren't many like her around.

Mercy tries to lead quiet life in the small town of Tri-Cities, Washington but it doesn't quite work out that way. For one, her next door neighbor, Adam, is the alpha leader of the local werewolf pack, the VW van she's working on belongs to Stepan, a vampire and she bought her garage from her former boss Zee, who is fae. Zee sold her his garage after the fae had come out to the rest of the world because some of the humans were having a hard time adjusting to the fact that the fae existed. But the humans do not know about the werewolves, vampires or those like Mercy and they would like to keep it that way.

Mystery and suspicions arise when a young, newly turned werewolf, who reluctantly gives the name Mac, shows up at Mercy's shop looking for temporary work. She knows Mac's a werewolf because she can smell the werewolf in him through her enhanced senses. After Mercy, against her better judgment, gives the boy a job, a group of humans and a half-crazed werewolf show up, they try to kidnap the boy. Then shortly there after, Adam is injured and his daughter is kidnapped. Mercy finds herself going to Montana, back to the werewolf pack she grew up in, for help with Adam's injuries and hopefully answers to some disturbing questions. Problem with this is, she left years ago under unhappy circumstances.

I have no idea why I waited so long to start reading this series, but I am so glad I did. I am now officially a Mercy Thompson fan girl. The story had my attention from the very beginning, I can honestly say, there is not a dull moment in this book. Moon Called had me reading until the early morning hours, not caring I needed to go to sleep because I had work the next day. It is a very smooth flowing story with plenty of action and suspense, involving the supernatural. Mercy is a believable and admirable heroine with a lot sass and spunk, not to mention smart with good instincts. The romance is very light in this book, but Mercy has a couple of possible love interests. This series has made it's way to my auto-buy list. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a book based around a strong heroine in the supernatural world.

Mercy Thompson Series - Reading Order:
  1. Moon Called
  2. Blood Bound
  3. Iron Kissed
  4. Bone Crossed
  5. Silver Borne - Feb. 2010

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Mandi said...

Patricia Briggs has really created a unique world, and her writing does not disappoint in any of her books. I love all her characters...really one of the best series.

Her Alpha and Omega series which focuses on Charles and Bran are good too!

Lea said...

I have the first 3 books in this series in my TBR thanks to blog contests and am looking forward to the read.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


Donna said...

Mandi, I've heard a lot about this series and am really enjoying it. I'm enjoying it so much, when the graphic novel comes out next month, I'll be getting it.

Lea, don't wait like I did, this is a really awesome series!

Eli said...

I've never heard of this series before! I think I'll check it out. :)

Donna said...

Eli, do check the Mercy Thompson series. This is a series, that shouldn't be missed.

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