Red-Headed Stepchild by Jaye Wells

Book Blurb:
In a world where being of mixed-blood is a major liability, Sabina doesn’t really fit in. And being an assassin – the only profession fit for an outcast – doesn’t help matters. But she’s never brought her work home. Until now.

Her latest mission is uncomfortably complex, and threatens the fragile peace between the vampire and mage races. As Sabina scrambles to figure out which side she’s on, she uncovers a tangled political web, some nasty facts about her family and some unexpected new talents. Any of these things could be worryingly life-changing, but together, they could be fatal …

This time, it’s personal.

Sabina has a standoffish, tough chick attitude with the moves to back it up. Since she was born, Sabina has had to prove herself to the vampire race, especially the vampire leader whose her grandmother, all because her mother was a vampire and her father was mage, a forbidden union of races. Sabina is starting to get real tired of proving herself and finds herself doubting some of her latest missions' objectives. Two other-world men vie for her attention, one is a low-keyed, sexy mage and the other a high octane, sexually charged, mixed-blooded vampire/demon. Throw in several vamps, a few demons, a faery here and there, and some magic, what Sabina gets is her life going from troublesome to mind blowing complicated, real fast.

Red-Headed Stepchild (Sabina Kane, Book 1) is the debut urban fantasy novel by Jaye Wells. I have wanted to read this book every since I was introduced to this book and the author in another blog (I wish I could remember whose blog it was, so I can give credit). This book did not disappoint. I laughed so hard in several places while reading this book, my husband thought I was loosing my mind. Ms. Wells has a very sharp, sense of humor that mixes well into the dark underside world of vampires, faeries, demons and mages. This book was a pleasure to read and moved at very fast, easy pace.

The author's website states there will be at least three books in the Sabina Kane series and there is a short story on Sabina's early years in Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance 2, Edited by Trisha Telep, available on September 21, 2009. I'll be waiting in line for the next Sabina Kane book.

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Jo said...

Awesome review! I absolutely loved this book! You've gotta love Giguhl, he was just hilarious!

Thanks to linking to my review, I'll link to yours now! :)

Donna said...

Yeah, really enjoyed this book. Can you just image having demon like Giguhl as a best bud? ;) I love Ms. Wells humor, I laughed so hard in a couple of spot.

I asked Ms. Wells last night on Twitter when the next book will be out, she said it would be April 2010 and she will give a firmer date later, when she has the new book cover. Exciting!

Caffey said...

I had this book down already to get and you just reinforced why I added this to my wishlist! Thanks too on letting me know about the Mammoth book that story that will be related. I read a few stories in one of them and that too I found other authors and related stories (I hope, since I'd like to read more of the characters!)

Have a great weekend

Donna said...

Glad I could help you! I can't say enough how much I enjoyed this book. You'll blaze through it!

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