Review: Nemi Vol. 3 by Lise Myhre

Nemi Vol. 3 by Lisa Myhre

Nemi written and illustrated by Lise Myhre
Volume 3, Graphic Novel 
Genre: Humor
Year: 2009 (November 3, 2009)
Format: Hardcover, 144 pages
ISBN: 978-1845766153 (Titan Books)
My Copy: From the publisher

Nemi Montoya, the vegetarian, cynical/romantic, hilariously honest twenty-something goth, returns in this brand new collection from artist Lise Myhre!

In this hilarious and beautifully illustrated third volume, Nemi and her blue-haired best friend Cyan tackle the big questions in life: what’s it all for? How can one find love and contentment? Why are men all so useless? And, most crucially of all... what time does the bar close?

A superstar in her native Norway thanks to the immense success of Nemi — also reprinted in the 1.35 million-circulation UK Metro newspaper — you too can enter Lise Myhre’s witty, wonderful world!

My Ramblings:

I found reading Nemi a fun, laugh out loud experience. I liked goth girl Nemi Montoya’s dark humor and refusal to be a responsible grown up. And I enjoyed her cynical outlook on life and how she rationalized her misadventures to herself and everyone else. Her misadventures include botched job interviews, bar hopping, disastrous dates, well pretty much any ordinary activity gone wrong or right, if your looking at it from Nemi’s point of view. Nemi is also honest to a comical fault. I felt I had so much in common with Nemi from her fascination with Lord of the Rings, to buying clothes in all shades of black and her choices in music. She’s my inner me, at least like I’d want to be if I didn’t have to be a responsible adult.

Nemi is written and drawn by Lise Myhre. Nemi was originally written in Norwegian then translated to English. I love the illustrations, they are simple and gorgeous. Nemi is gorgeous.

Even though I found the majority of the Nemi comic strips hilarious there were a few that didn’t make much sense to me. I think this was because the humor was most likely lost in translation. But there weren’t many of these strips to be a problem for me. I plan on looking for more Nemi comics in the future and finding copies of the previous volumes.

There is a quote on the back of the book by Tori Amos that I think sums up Nemi perfectly:
“There is a little of Nemi in all of us – this I believe to be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.”

Here are a few comic strips I have dug up to give any idea of the type of humor you’ll find reading about Nemi Montoya. But they are just the tip of the iceberg…



My Rating: Really Liked it


  1. Nemi Volume 1
  2. Nemi Volume 2
  3. Nemi Volume 3

Other Ramblings:


Leontine said...

I read the two comic strips below your review, what utter fun that was Donna, thanks. It's a shame some humor is lost in translation, we have that too in the Netherlands but with a comic the drawn characters and their expression is an added bonus. I love it ;)

Blodeuedd said...

I just love Nemi, has for years. She is great fun and I am happy I finally read those books in the summer and got more than I get from a newspaper.

Aye that is translations, I do not have that problem luckily since not a big thing to translate to Swedish

Donna said...

Leontine - There weren't many that had a translation problem, which I'm glad for because there was so much humor in these comic strips. Nemi is so much fun!

Blodeuedd - I'm a Nemi fan myself now. She's brilliant! I wish she was here in the US in the newspapers. That would be so cool to be able to read her all the time.

Chris said...

That first strip is perfect!

Donna said...

Chris - Yes it is! Nemi is great that way in her thinking. She's so independent!

Natasha (Wicked Lil Pixie) said...

I reviewed it too and found the same thing, there were a few that I just didn't get!

Great review

Mandi said...

OMG - That is me in the first comic :) I luv fictional men..LOL

This sounds very funny and different!

Donna said...

Natasha - I had my son read the ones I didn't get, just to make it wasn't a generation gap thing. He didn't get them either. But overall, I really like the Nemi comics. :)

Mandi - LOL! I knew all of you would lurve that first comic strip. It speaks to all of us readers. ;)

Alexia561 said...

Great review! Have never heard of Nemi before, but think she's right up my alley! Loved the two comics you posted. How could anyone not fall in love with Sandman? *L*

Donna said...

Alexia - Nemi is so much fun, I'm looking forward to reading Vol. 1 & Vol. 2. Hope you get a chance to read Nemi. :)

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