Curious, Do You Reread?

I've seen the subject of rereading on the blogosphere a couple of times and it's habit I've been curious about in others. I see comments by others all the time about rereading before a book in a series comes out, rereading just for the fun of it or comfort rereads. You see, I don't reread. I've never really had a strong desire to reread. I've always accounted that to I'm always ready to discover something new, craving new adventures plus I get bored with the known. I want to be surprised and excited about what is about to happen because I don't know it. I don't watch reruns on TV either, unless it's been years but even then after my memory is jogged and I remember, I end up drifting away from the TV. This drives my husband mad.

Lately my to-be-read pile has grown tremendously, so the thought of rereading would be very daunting for me. But even before I had a TBR pile (hard to believe that one wouldn't having a TBR pile, huh?), it never occurred to me to reread a book when I couldn't find or have anything to read. On the other hand, I will say there is one set of books that I've thought about rereading and that's the Black Jewels Trilogy but I haven't yet. It's just been a thought so far.

You want to know something else? I have keeper shelves. Now, what kind of sense does that make? None, what so ever!

I guess I'm sort of an anomaly in the reading world because I do LOVE to read. I feel like something missing if I'm not reading a book and there isn't one in my purse or backpack, on hand in case I get a free moment. So, I'm curious, how many of you reread? I'm betting that a lot of you are rereaders. What drives you to reread?


Mandi said...

I love to reread my favorites. I do have a keeper shelf and I do reread series before the new one comes out. Or sometimes just the last one in the series. I do however find my tbr pile growing like you and rereading does get pushed aside a bit. But if I really LOVED a book, I get excited to read it again. There are always things I missed the first time.

Seth said...

I There are some books I reread, like The Lord of the Rings and a few others, as a matter of course every year or two. They're just old favorites I love returning to again and again.

I don't always reread previous books in a series before a new book comes out, but if a lot of time has elapsed since I've read them I'll reread. For example, in preparation for the November release of the twelfth Wheel of Time book, I'm rereading the series from the beginning.

I also find there are two "modes" in which I reread, two "modes" in which I read, for that matter. The first is the semi-vegetative "read to relax" mode, where I'm only half paying attention to what I'm reading (I do a lot of audiobooks, so this is easier than with the printed word.) The advantage to this mode is that because my brain isn't parsing everything, my subconscious imagination can kind of take over. Then there's the "analytical" mode where I'm really paying attention, and particularly in rereads I often find gems I'd passed over before.

Anonymous said...

Yep, I'm a rereader. I guess it depends on the book, but I do reread sometimes. I do have a rather large TBR list at the moment so I'm guessing I wont reread for a while.
Some books are just so good that you have to read them again, some books are hard to fully understand so you must give it another go to catch more details. Sometimes I'm just bored LOL
The Harry Potter series. I've read each book about 15 times, no kidding. And as childish as that sounds, I do catch up new details every time that I reread the books. I read them once a year. heh

Oh and I watch recaps. All the time. In fact, I hardly ever NOT watch recaps. I usually buy the tv shows and watch them over and over :)

Anyways, I wanted to let you know I've granted you an award, so go over to my blog to see it!

Donna said...

Mandi - I look at my TBR pile and quake sometimes plus feel frustrated because the books are just sitting there waiting to be read.

Seth - I read in those modes also. I've tried audio books but I end up tuning out the audio and have to restart. I need to learn the trick to listening to audio books. ;)

Hilda - Not childish at all! I envy those that can reread & re-watch, I've never been able. I get bored so easily maybe I'm just a bit ADD. My family will re-watch TV episodes all the time. Thank you for the award! I'll head over to your place soon. :)

Michelle Greathouse said...


I am pretty much the same as you - my tbr shelf is so full I don't have time to re-read. Except for the Harry Potter books. I would re-read the book right before the movie came out - that way I could 'see' everything the movie was leaving out. LOL

I have also re-read my Outlander series from Diana Gabaldon - that is my all time favorite series. :)


Shanra said...

I used to be a rereader. (Of a few select books/series, I should add.) But that was when I was young and somehow managed to have a TBR pile no bigger than whatever I'd borrowed from the library and the school library.

Everything's changed now. I have way too many completely new books to contemplate rereading. That doesn't mean I don't do it, but it is pretty durned rare. Most of the books I've reread in recent years have been childhood favourites I want to tell people about. (You know, uselessly promote the kid-lit of my country and hope it gets translated and such.) I have 19 books that I want to reread eventually, but I'm not in any kind of hurry with them. Of those 19 there are six that I really, really want and plan to reread before the end of the year. Five of them are a quintet that I want to give a proper review per book.

If my TBR pile was manageable again... Then I don't know. I'd like to get back to rereading a bit. Sometimes it's not new and exciting I want, but finding new and exciting things in books I've already read.

Angelica95 said...

If the book is really good I will reread! I have a hard time letting go of my fav. charaters :-)

Moira Rogers - Bree said...

Oh man, I reread sooo much. For the longest time I didn't even understand the concept of a keeper--I didn't get rid of books. I had books I shoved on shelves, books I might reread a second time and books I had to buy new copies of all the time because I read them until they fall apart. (I'm on my fifth or sixth copies of all of my Bishop & Rawn books.)

Jessica said...

I reread Pride and Prejudice. I usually only pick it up about once a year. But I do reread it. I sometimes find that I'm in the mood for a certain book that I've already read (or I'm that excited about it even after finishing) so I'll pick it up and read a little from it.
Also, if it's been a long time since I read the previous books of a series before the next one comes out. I might read them, at the very least, I'll read the most recent one.
I can probably think of another reason or two, but I'll stop there.
But even with all those reasons, I don't reread books very often.
There are way too many books out there that I HAVEN'T read. :)

Alexia561 said...

I haven't reread a book in a long time. Partly because of the size of my TBR stack, and partly because I want the bright, shiny new toy instead of one I've already played with! *L*

Like several others, I have a "keeper" shelf for books that I really liked. Why bother, if I'm not going to reread them? Well, you never know... Maybe some day I'll be caught up on my TBR pile and have an unlimited amount of time. It could happen! {snicker}

The only book I've reread more than once is Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman, which is my favorite. There's just something about it.

Marissa said...

My TBR pile is growing faster than I can read and still I reread some favorites from time to time. Sometimes when I can't concentrate very well or not feeling well I grab one of my favorite stories and those stories instantly make me feel better! And sometimes I just want to meet my favorite heroes again and reread the story, I really shouldn't because my time is limited as it is but still can't stop myself!

Maija said...

I reread only a few books in a year. They are usually the same books I like to visit from time to time. Books I've fallen in love with. Books that are memorable.
I'd like to reread more often, but the world is so full of wonderful books, that I can't bear to be rereading all the time. I have to find new memorable books and fall in love with them too :)
My latest reread was a "huge" one for me. I decided to reread Fever series (3 books) by Karen Marie Moning just before the latest fourth part was released. I was so relieved after I managed to read the books in three days. That meant I only "missed" three possible new books in that time frame :)

Unknown said...

I reread my favorites quite often. We have a relationship those books and I. I feel as if we have broken up if I never go back to visit them. Enough said, I'm off to take my mental meds now. LOL

Amy C said...

Well, I am just like you, Donna. I don't reread either. Except for the Black Jewels trilogy. It's a yearly thing. I reread that trilogy once a year!

The books that I have reread were for a reread challenge. When I saw that one announced the end of last year I thought what a great idea. It's given me the umph to reread a few of the books I've always thought about rereading. I have hundreds of books on my keeper shelf, but have no intention of actually rereading them :D. But I won't get rid of them either. WHo knows, someday I may get to them again!

But like you, I like exploring new, so to revisit when there is so much unexplored out there...I have a hard time picking up a book I've already read. I actually missed my reread challenge for last month becasue I just didn't feel like rereading anything!

If it weren't for that challenge the only books would be the BJT! And you should reread them too!!

Leontine said...

I only re-read when I have a headache or feel sick, they are my comfort reads and I don't have to concentrate very much since I already read the novel a time or two. For the rest of my reading time I spent it on new books, I somehow need to conquer my TRP, right?!

Lea said...

Hey Donna:

This is a great post. I had to smile when you mentioned about your TBR growing. Funny how that happens when you become a blogger. lol

Yes, I tend to be a chronic rereader. I have a terrible time disconnecting from a book that becomes a "keeper" especially one that rocks my soul so to speak. I tend to go back time and again and reread passages to get that thrill again. It is no wonder I now require a scaffold to climb my TBR. **sigh**

I hope you are having a great day..


Donna said...

Michelle - The Harry Potter series is one I see over and again reread by many. :)

Shanra - I miss the small TBR pile days - sometimes. Good luck on your 19 rereads! That's in my opinion, a very ambitious goal.

Book Lover - Sometimes I don't let go of characters I've come to like, but I do the imaginary thing in my head. Just think about them over and over. This makes me happy. LOL!

Bree - Wow! I'd say your an avid rereader. I think worn out books have their character. ;)

Jessica - Ahem! There are a ton of books out there ready to be read, I'd never in my lifetime probably ever read all the books I want to.

Anna said...

I do Re-Read books, I just haven't done alot of it lately. The series I've done the most re-reading is the Sookie Stackhouse series, Harry Potter and The Den of Shadows series by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes. Frankly all that re-reading was before my TBR list got out of hand. LOL!

The most recent book I re-read was Night Pleasures- Sherrilyn Kenyon. I hope to eventually re-read the whole series.

I always carry a book with me too. :)

Donna said...

Alexia - I love your phrase "I want the bright, shiny new toy instead of one I've already played with!" because I absolutely get it!

Marissa - I see that a lot too, the comfort read. It's a good thing that a book can do that for you. :)

Maija - I think the Fever series will show up as one of the most reread series this year. I've seen to many people say they were rereading it before Dreamfever released.

Munk - LOL! From the comments here, I don't think your alone about your thoughts on rereading (minus the meds part ;) )

Donna said...

Amy - I think me and you are alone in our world of non-rereading. Do you hear the crickets? LOL! I think it's fabulous that the books you have reread are the same books I've ever contemplated rereading. Kindred souls. :)

Leontine - If I ever conquer my TBR pile, I will stand on top of it, bang on my chest and shout to the world "I'm queen of the world!!", maybe give a Tarzan yell or two. :)

Lea - You are so right, I had a small TBR pile when I first started blogging but so many of you have spotlighted, reviewed and pimped such good reads, my TBR pile is a mountain. You have a good day too!

Anna - Yes, I've seen Harry Potter mentioned by many as a reread for them. I was looking at the Dark-Hunter/Dream-Hunter books the other day, there are so many and I love this series, probably will never reread but I'll never get rid of them either. Yep, I'm definitely a reader anomaly.

Oh, I feel naked if I don't take a book with me outside of the house and I'm usually walking around the house with a book in my hand. :)

Erotic Horizon said...

I Definitely reread - I have to, for a few reasons..

I am a series reader - most book in a series sometime dont come out months apart but years apart - so to keep it freash, a reread is sometimes in order..

I am a middle of the night reader -I'll wake and just need to read something known - especially smut - I have a few faithful that are well thumbed... I mean well thumbed

Another reason I reread is sometime i tend to miss stuff on the first read.... so a second glance more or less catches me up..

I cant imagine not rereading....


Patti (@TheLoveJunkee) said...

I do like to reread, especially if a new book is coming out or sometimes just because. Last week I just kept thinking about Ilona Andrew's characters in her Magic series, so Sat/Sun I reread them. One of the good things about rereading is you can skip the boring parts!! I also like to reread if I'm not feeling well - most recently Julie Garwood is my "sick read".

Blodeuedd said...

There is one book I have re-read for years, but not this year. Some books I just want to read again. yes I too have a keeper shelf but to be honest..I doubt I will read those since I want to read new books.

But those few (Robert Jordan, Rayomd E.Feist, Robin Hobb and Frank Herbert) those I will re-read time after time

Shaymless Aymless said...

I reread constantly. Probably why the TBR is so dang huge. Having packed most of my book for the big move has forced me to read some new books!

Roni Loren said...

I'm not one to re-read either. Yet, like you, I keep all my favorite books. I will sometimes flip back to my favorite passages and skim through them again. But that's more because I'm a writer and am looking to deconstruct what I liked about it.

I do plan to re-read some of my childhood favorites soon, but it's been long enough since I've read them that I don't remember all of the plot.

Sophia (FV) said...

I'm definitely a re-reader especially the last book in a series just before the next one comes out.

Amy C said...

If you should ever decide to reread the trilogy, be sure to let me know! I'll read them again with you :D.

Smokinhotbooks said...

I love to re-read books! To me it's like watching my favorite movie again. I especially like to do this when a new book is coming out in a series, gets me pumped up faster than a red bull. Some books are timeless, this is also good for me so I don't go out there and spend crazy money on new books.

Keri said...

I love to reread. I have one series that I reread at least once a year, and I often reread books before a sequential book releases just so I make sure I remember what was going on. I actually never get tired of rereading because I always find something that I've missed.

I'm going to have to add this subject in my series on Reading Habits.

Chris said...

I have a fair number of keepers myself. Periodically I'll get the urge and reread a series or a certain title. But yeah, my TBR shelves are out of control, so I haven't felt able to reread anything recently!

Donna said...

EH - I've seen that mentioned quite a few times, that rereading helps catch things missed the first or second read.

Patti - I could see skipping the boring the parts, especially since you know your not missing anything. :)

Blodeudd - You have quite a list of rereads. Really impressive.

Aymless - LOL! There! See you've found a way to trim the TBR pile. Maybe once you get moved, taking your time unpacking the boxes of rereads will also help the ol' TBR pile. If you can resist the urge. *g*

FictionGroupie - I flip/skim through my keeper books too, but it definitely couldn't be called rereading. Do it just to refresh my thoughts on something in a book.

Fiction Vixen - Yep, I've seen a few say they read the last book in series to catch up. Which really isn't a bad idea, if I could buckle down and do it. :)

Amy - You have yourself a deal!!! *puts out hand for a handshake* To seal the deal.

K.C. - I can tell you feel deeply for your rereads. :)

Keri - I'll look for it in your weekly series.

Chris - Even though I don't reread, I will say that to even consider changing my reading habits now to include rereading makes me break out in a sweat. I'd never make a dent in my TBR pile. *wipes sweat off brow*

A Buckeye Girl Reads said...

I'm glad you found your award-I was going to tell you about it this morning. I finished the post late last night. :)

I love to re-read my favorites. Right now I want to re-read Diana Gabalon's books and Sherrilyn Kenyons Dark Hunter Series. I'm so behind!

Christine said...

Hi Donna,
I don't usually re-read entire novels... but do sometimes go back and read some of my favorite scenes in a book. I have, once or twice, gone back to reread a book or two in a series before the next one comes out, but I don't even do that much anymore. I've just got too may other new reads waiting to be devoured!

It's interesting to see all the different variations on re-reading, isn't it?

Donna said...

Colette - Thank you! It was one of the first feeds in my reader this morning - I always take a quick glance at the reader before I get ready for work.

Christine - Yes, it is interesting seeing how everyone handles rereading. But I see I'm pretty much in the minority on rereads, which doesn't surprise me ... maybe one day. ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm not a re-reader either. I like you I like to be surprised when I am reading or it loses some of the joy and once I start re-reading a book it all comes flooding back to me and there is just no reason to continue reading further - for the same reason I don't watch re-runs on TV for the same reasons you don't. Also like you, I do keep my fav books except these days I mostly only keep the favs that really strike some particular nerve in me because I no longer have the space to keep all the books I have loved. So my local used book store has been getting a lot of love lately as trade my well loved books in for credit to help add to my always too big TBR! :)

Tricia said...

I don't tend to reread my TBR is growing way to fast and I have a hard enough time keeping up with it, but I do have keepers on my shelves and sometimes I'll skim to my favorite parts when I need a pick me up.

ediFanoB said...

I would like to reread several books but as my TBR pile is constantly growing I always read my unread books. My first language is German. That means I read a lot of German editions. I would like to reread them in English. So far there are two series which I really want to reread in English: The Last Rune by Mark Anthony and Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn by Tad Williams.
But I need to buy them first. I think I will put them on my Christmas wishlist...

Shaymless Aymless said...

Donna: I don't think I will be able resist unpacking as I hate cardboard in the house and I'm to anal to actually NOT unpack as soon as possible. *sigh* I apparently also read new books while traveling (since I can't take the whole library with me!) so maybe I should do more of that. ^_^

ediFanoB: I love Memory, Sorrow and Thorn. I can't say I've read it in German but the English version is quite good.

Beth (BBRB) said...

No rereading for me. Well, I should say that once in a great while (every 5 or so years) I'll reread my absolute, all time favorite Wind in the Willows.

I keep a few books around for an occasional quick skim for specific information and not a real "read".

I do watch reruns once in a while, but only my favorites and I fast forward to my favorite scenes.

Donna said...

bookobssessed - We are definitely the minority here, huh? Nice to see someone else who has the same reading habits as mine, even the same TV habits. I don't feel so guilt about not rereading. :)

Tricia - I do that too, skim. Especially if there is something I don't quite remember in a part of the book.

ediFanoB - Out of those who don't reread that is the main reason for most - too many other unread books. Another friend of mine says she prefers to read certain genres in English because meaning is more descriptive. Is this true for you also?

Aymless - I'm the same about unpacking, I was a military brat so moving a lot tends to ingrain certain habits when it comes to cardboard boxes lying around. Drives me crazy if things don't get put up. You know, reading new books could add to your reread pile. *winks*

Beth - Your reread habits mirror a couple of others here. Maybe I'll give it try one day but I know it won't be anytime soon. ;)

Mishel (P.S. I Love Books) said...

Lol you're so cute Donna, when you were talking about your keeper shelf. I know exactly how you feel and what you mean.

Anywho, I haven't ever re-read any books yet but I've been meaning to because sometimes I forget what certain series are about. Especially when the newest installment comes out months and months later. I haven't actually done any re-reading yet.

I started my blog to help myself remember what the books are about in hopes I don't have to re-read. Because my TBR list grows daily. But I probably will re-read sometime because my reviews don't even help that much.

Donna said...

Mishel - I feel ya on rereading. There are so many books out there waiting to be discovered and I can't do it if I'm not reading something new. ;)

ediFanoB said...

Donna, English is indeed a more descriptive language compared to German. And I prefer to read fantasy in English.

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