New Cover: The New Dead edited by Christopher Golden

Kelley Armstrong just posted the US cover to the anthology The New Dead on Twitter. It's gory, isn't it? I love it!

Christopher Golden is the editor on this new anthology due out in February 2010. Here's a link to his blog post with the details and full list of authors.


Michelle Greathouse said...


It is gory and I love it as well. :) LOL What does that say about us? I can't wait to read this book. Thanks for the heads up.

Have a wonderful day.


Amy C said...

Oh no!! that is creepy! :D

I'm a wuss!

Donna said...

So true, Michelle! Can't help myself.

LOL, Amy! I love the creepy and gory for as long as I can remember. ;)

Amy C said...

I remember when I was little, we would all gather at one of my aunt and uncle's house for scary movie night. Gawd! I hated it!! I would have nightmares. I swear I was traumatized because of it! :P It was just awful!

I used to watch horror movies up until I was about 16 or so, and then I realized that I really DID NOT like them, and it was okay!

I still have issues from them damn horror flicks!

I like romance dramas, you know the stuff that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside :)!

I look at some of the video games that are out there and am so glad that my child is afraid to play them! He passes em right on by. My brother used to play Doom. That has some super creepy music!

Donna said...

Oh, Amy, I wish I grew up around your family. I use to get in trouble for sneaking downstairs to catch the late night horror shows and movies. I was about 6 or 7 years old. Yep, I was a strange kid. LOL! I like getting scared and then laughing about it.

But your right, it's okay to not like scary movies. My stepdaughter doesn't like them either, so my son and I try to make sure if we rent movies we save the scary ones for when she's at her mom's. :)

Amy C said...

OMG!! You wanted to watch them??


I remember one of the last ones us "younger" kids were allowed to watch was Happy Birthday to Me. One of my cousin's, she decided to play with a knife afterward. So we were banned from watching them for awhile. At the time I was upset because I couldn't do the same as my sister, but now, I am very appreciative of that one act of stupidity of my cousin! LOL!

We probably didn't do it all that often, but often enough I think that it has left an impression on me!

My sister also never helped. After EVERY single scary movie we watched she always liked to scare me in some way. She used to make me cry! She was so mean to me.

I said it probably wasn't all that often but as I type this, I'm laughing becasue I am remembering so many movies...Alligator...C.H.U.D (Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers)....Poltergeist...Jaws...Okay so maybe that's it. I guess that isn't too many. I don't know. But after we moved away from that part of my family, we still watched alot of scary movies, Like Freddy Kueger and just whatever was new. My sister loved that stuff! I think the first one was the scariest for me. I was in 4th grade when I saw it the first time. I did like those ones though. And another set of movies that I really love. They aren't scary but they have that scare factor to them. The Alien movies. I love those!

You couldn't pay me now to watch anything scary! LOL Maybe 12 years ago, whenever Scream released, I watched that movie alone! My husband was at a friends and I got a stick up my ass to watch it right then. Yeah...Dummy!

There is one movie that I cannot watch and I have never been able to watch the entire movie...Halloween. That movie and the music creep me right the frik out! me and my husband had bought it one year a long time ago, and he put it in to watch it one night, I had to make him stop the movie. The butcher knife and the go. Oh and Amityville. The one where the son is possessed. Horrible! Ugh!

I think I totally babbled! :)

Donna said...

Halloween and Amityville Horror were two pretty scary movies. Halloween is one of my favorites. Oh, the Omen was also a pretty scary one, remember watching it with my mom and brother. I was so spooked by Damien's nanny. Sheesh, I'm still spooked by her. LOL!

I enjoyed your comments! I totally get you disliked horror movies. That's okay, I'll watch them for you. ;)

Keri said...

It actually looks like it could pass for box art on one of the hundreds of video games about zombies out right now.

I love the oxymoron "new dead" presents.

Donna said...

True, on both accounts! It also could be a zombie movie poster. :)

A lot of good authors' in this one. I'll probably get it. No, I will get it. :D

Smokinhotbooks said...

I like this cover, but then some of my all time fav movies are Horror movies: Shawn of the Dead, Tremors, Rocky Horror Picture Show... The cover is very Night of the Living Dead meets Generation Kill, me likey.


SusiSunshine said...

I love this cover. A new book on my tbr pile.
You can never have enough zombies on a book cover! lol

Donna said...

Hey K.C. I like your description of the cover!

Agree, SusiSunshine, this cover is a win. If zombie book covers can be tastefully done, this is one of them. ;)

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