Go Team Chance!

A couple of weeks ago Ann Aguirre, author of Blue Diablo, posted about getting her author swag from Zazzle. At Zazzle, you get to design your own swag plus you earn commission when you buy your own swag and what others buy from your Zazzle store. Ann had a great idea to donate her savings/commission to First Book, when I read this I thought, "What a great idea!" It's a win-win for everyone. Especially for the kiddos who are going to get some good reads because of my purchase and that of others. That right there is a whole other level of awesomeness!

Well, I hurried over to Zazzle, ordered a fangirl button and a t-shirt. A Team Chance t-shirt. Here's a picture of me (don't laugh!) in my sweet Team Chance t-shirt. Is this how you pictured Chance? So, what team are you on?

My son called me a nerd when I tucked my t-shirt in for the picture!


Amy C said...

Hi Donna,
You look so young and beautiful! Of course, I don't know how old you are, so you very well could be young! It's always nice to put a face to a name, you know?

I don't read Ann Aguirre, but I love what she is doing with her commission.

Brooke Reviews said...

You look cute! :) Love the shirt...I've got a key chain from the store.

bloggeratf said...

I would say you look cute too, but that might just be weird coming from some random guy on the internet.. I will say that the T is pretty awesome though, and I love the idea behind it!

Donna said...

Thank you Amy! It is always nice to put a face with someone you talk to, I really debated putting my picture, I honestly hate taking pictures. :) But I felt it was worth the cause. Ann Aguirre also writes as Ava Gray, and she has a paranormal romance called Skin Game coming out on Nov. 3.

Thanks Brooke! It's great you got something, it definitely a worthy cause.

LOL! Bloggeratf, your not so random! I've tweeted with you of couple of times. That sounds kinda funny too. ;) Ann has guy sway too.

Janicu said...

That shirt looks good on you! I don't think I could pull it off as well, but I have been eyeing it in light blue. I'm the type of person who takes FOREVER to decide to buy something. But: TEAM CHANCE! :D

Donna said...

Thanks Janicu! I liked the light blue one too but red is my favorite color. :)

Mishel (P.S. I Love Books) said...

Aw love the shirt! And you're gorgeous =) lol anywho, I have yet to read Blue Diablo so I don't know which team I would choose. I love this Zazzle idea though. I seriously have to pick a team so I can help out =)

P.S. I think it's way cute you tucked in your shirt for the picture.

Donna said...

Mishel, thank you! Do read Blue Diablo, I bet you'll like it. I'm curious which team you'll pick, you'll have to let me know.

ediFanoB said...

I agree, you definitely look cute.

Your son should be proud of you.

Donna said...

Hi ediFanoB, that was nice of you say. Thank you. :)

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