The Iron Hunt - Hunter Kiss, Book 1 by Marjorie M. Liu

The Iron Hunt by Marjorie M. LiuThe Iron Hunt by Marjorie M. Liu
Hunter Kiss Series, Book 1
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Year: 2008
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Book Blurb:
Silver smoke winds around my torso, peeling away from my ribs and back, stealing the dark mist covering my hands and lower extremities...tattoos dissolving into demon flesh, coalescing into small dark bodies. My boys. The only friends I have in this world. Demons.

I am a demon hunter. I am a demon. I am Hunter Kiss.

By day, her tattoos are her armor. By night, they unwind from her body to take on forms of their own. Demons of the flesh, turned into flesh. This is the only family demon hunter Maxine Kiss has ever known. The only way to live-and the very way she'll die. For one day, her demons will abandon her for her daughter to assure their own survival-leaving Maxine helpless against her enemies.

But such is the way of Earth's last protector-the only one standing between humanity and the demons breaking out from behind the prison veils. It is a life lacking in love, reveling in death, until one moment-and one man-changes everything...
My Ramblings:

Maxine Kiss was raised by her mother to be a loner and a nomad, moving place to place, keeping to herself, having no friends outside of the boys. The boys are her living tattoos that she wears on her body by day, they peel away at night to become her personal, demon protectors that she lovingly calls "my boys". Maxine is from a warrior race of demons created long ago to guard the humans from the demons and zombies. She is the last of her line and they call her The Hunter.

Going against family tradition, Maxine has put down some roots with Grant Cooperon, who has a few special gifts of his own, in Seattle, Washington at the Coop, a homeless shelter owned by Grant. Grant is also a former priest. Maxine has some trepidations about about living with Grant but she loves him and can't keep herself from not staying with him. In Maxine's own words:

"Grant Cooperon, my magic bullet. And it was going to kill me one day."

Maxine senses that the veil, a prison created ten thousands years ago to imprison the most dangerous of demons, has opened and something evil has slipped through the cracks to earth's realm. Maxine has to find out what slipped through, before it finds her.

I love the way Marjorie M. Liu writes, her words are like poetry, the way they flow off the page. It was a treat to read The Iron Hunt coupled with Ms. Liu's writing style and an introduction into world of demons that is a rare one with many dimensions to explore. I enjoyed the closeness and companionship that Maxine shares with her boys. The romance in this story is very subtle, the love shared between Grant and Maxine is unquestionable from the very the start. Which I think is refreshing to see the protagonist in a solid relationship throughout the story. Maxine Kiss is a strong, warrior through and through but she is also kind, she has a softer side.

This is a read that requires your full attention because there is so much going on every page. At times the story can be dark and bleak. The Iron Hunt is an engrossing, solid story with action throughout it's pages. The end ties up the major plot point of this story but leaves a lot questions needing answers. Most of those questions are answered in Darkness Calls.

The Iron Hunt has a prequel Hunter Kiss, a novella in the Wild Thing anthology. I did not read the prequel and feel it didn't hinder the story in any way.

On Goodreads I gave this book: 4 Stars

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A Buckeye Girl Reads said...

That sounds really interesting. Another book to add to my to-reads books at Goodreads. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi :)
An excellent review of a wonderful book by a talented author!
Thanks for sharing.
Love from Northern Ontario

ediFanoB said...

I need to forward your good review tomy wife. She likes books like this. But she doesn't like to check all the blogs in order to find good reviews. SoIdothis for her.

Blodeuedd said...

Great review. The book does sound good. Interesting, liking the dark part.

Leontine said...

Hey FD,
Great ramble FD :D I have her Dirk and Steele series on the shelves and know what you mean with her poetry writing style. I haven't started in this series yet since I want to catch up first with her D&S releases.

Michelle Greathouse said...


Great review. I enjoyed this book as well and I'm looking forward to the sequel. :)


Donna said...

Hi Colette, Glad I could help with 'ol TBR list. ;)

Thanks RKCharron!

Hi ediFanoB, your such a sweetie to do this for your wife. If she decides to read The Iron Hunt, I hope she enjoys it.

Hi Blodeuedd, I like books that are dark also, I especially like my fantasy books so.

Hi Leontine, I haven't read any of the Dirk & Steele novels yet. But I have them on my radar and plan to catch the first book in that series.

Thanks Michelle G! I'm working on my review for Darkness Calls. I should have it out later this week.

Lea said...

Excellent concise review Donna!

I've heard so much about Ms.Liu's work but never read her. I will have to add this one to my list. :)

I think the cover art is awesome by the way!

Thanks for sharing.

Keri said...

The idea of tattoos taking on other forms intrigues me...indeed...

Donna said...

The tattoos are a favorite part of the book for me, "the boys". You become endeared to them as you read the book.

Donna said...

Hi Lea, thanks! This was my first book to read by Ms. Liu, I really like her writing style very much.

Smokinhotbooks said...

The cover makes me want to ink myself all over, your review makes me want to read it!

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