New Releases, Author News & More - 9/1/09

New Releases Today:
If you have a review for one of today's new releases I would be happy to link it in this list. Just put a link in the comments of this post.

What A Dragon Should Know by G.A. Aiken
- Reviewed by
Must Love Hellhounds Anthology by by Ilona Andrews, Charlaine Harris, Nalini Singh Meljean Brook
Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins
- Reviewed by
Never Cry Wolf by Heather Davis
- Reviewed by
Time Raiders: The Slayer by Cindy Dees
Storm of Shadows by Christina Dodd
- Reviewed by
Dark Road Rising by P.N. Elrod
The Prince of Frogs by Annaliese Evans
Dark Slayer by Christine Feehan
- Reviewed by
Barley Bewitched by Kimberly Frost
Vampire a Go-Go by Victor Gischler
Lord of Sin by Susan Krinard

Witch Craft by Caitlin Kittredge
- Reviewed by

Moon Kissed by Michelle Hauf
- Reviewed by
Drawn into Darkness by Annette McCleave
- Reviewed by
Rosemary and Rue by Seanan McGuire
- Reviewed by
The Storm Witch by Violette Malan
Walking Dead by C.E. Murphy
- Reviewed by
My Favorite Witch by Lisa Plumley
- Reviewed by
Intertwined by Gena Showalter
- Reviewed by
Sea Glass by Maria V. Snyder
- Reviewed by
To Tempt the Wolf by Terry Spear
- Reviewed by
Trick of the Light by Rob Thurman
- Reviewed by
Night Runner by Max Turner
- Reviewed by
Author News:
  • Cherie Priest posted that the Boneshaker will be available on September 29, 2009 instead of October 13, 2009.
  • Ann Aguirre announced there will be two more books in her Skin series that she writes as Ava Gray, making the series total to-date four books: Skin Game book 1 - November 3, 2009, Skin Tight book 2 - June 2010, Skin Privilege book 3 - January 2011, Skin Dive book 4 - June 2011
  • C.E. Murphy has posted her book Highlander: Immortal Beloved online to be read in it's entirety.
  • Kelly Gay is now on Goodreads.
  • Jordan Summers announced that she has sold a novella to be in the Mammoth Book of Special Ops Romance.
  • Rachel Vincent posted some information on an upcoming YA Paranormal Tour that will be in September 2010. Huge list of authors participating so far: Melissa Marr, Alyson Noel, Kelley Armstrong, Holly Black, Cassandra Clare, Jennifer Lynn Barnes, Sarah Rees Brennan, Rachel Caine, Kimberly Dertlng, Becca Fitzpatrick, Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl, Lisa McMann, Jackson Pearce, Mary Pearson, Carrie Ryan, Jeri Smith-Ready, Jessica Verday and Rachel Vincent. Confirmed stops: Toronto, ON - McNally Robinson bookstore, Austin, TX - BookPeople bookstore, San Diego, CA - Mysterious Galaxy bookstore, Scottsdale (Phoenix), AZ - Poisoned Pen bookstore
  • Patricia Briggs updated her website with the new cover for Silver Borne, I found this news worthy item at Orannia's blog Walkabout.
Interesting Tidbits:
  • Disney bought Marvel for $4 billions! Not sure if this is good or bad, guess time will tell. Tor has the deals here.
  • io9 has the scoop on Supernatural ending it run on this coming 5th season and a possibility of a spin-off show.
  • Penguin Online Digest has a huge list of audio and book excerpts. Samples include: Hunting Ground Patricia Briggs (Ace), Trick of the Light Rob Thurman (Roc), Dark Road Rising P.N. Elrod (Ace), Fire Kristin Cashore (Penguin Audio) and more.
  • Rob Zombie talks about how understands the teen obsession with Twilight.
  • Tim Holman has interesting article on the tremendous growth of Urban Fantasy.
  • Dear Author has a very helpful guide for the new book reviewer wanting to get into the book review biz.
  • Want to have some anagram fun with your name or blog name? Click here! Fantasy Dreamer's Ramblings = MISERABLY FRAGRANT MADNESS!
  • Book Binge has hot topic going now on whether book reviewers should be paid for their reviews and whether that blog should be eligible for BBAW.
Giveaways Around the Virtual World:

As always, I hope you find a new a book or an author that you've not heard of before listed here. Good Luck! The ongoing contest list is on my blog's sidebar.


Erotic Horizon said...

I am constantly impressed with the volume of info you put into these post...

I see a few I have pre-ordered - Aiken I just got. Con't wait to read...

And looking closely at a few of the others..

Thanks for the round - I see a whole lot of blogs I have to go visit..


MrsMixx said...

i love your post! it's always the best posts to get all the info in one place! love it love it!

Leontine said...

Interesting discussion at bookbinge both about paid reviews as well as the BBAW.

I see books I have ordered like Annette McCleave. I will have her over at my blog for an interview too, she's my monthly pick :)

The Time Raiders series is one that also caught my attention 6 weeks ago and I have a giveaway and interview later this month about this very intriguing concept.

I have the first in G.A Aiken's series and look forward to meeting her dragons :)

Blodeuedd made me aware of Hunger Games by Suzanne colins and I have ordered me a copy. I see bk 2 has arrived already LOL

Must Love Hellhounds is one of the very few anthology books I look forward to reading.

Donna, I loved your post and have a bit of link hopping to look forward to. Thanks for all the effort!

Michelle Greathouse said...


Wonderful post!! I have not read the Aiken series - but have them on my wish list.

I had no idea Ann Aguirre wrote under another name - I will have to check out Skin Game. :)

Thanks for the link to my review of Intertwined.

Hubby told me about Disney buying Marvel - I wonder how that is going to effect Universal Studios because they have the Hulk and Spiderman attractions.

I love you blog anagram - mine was crazy - Michelle's Book Blog became Hello! Boob Slick goodness. LOL

Have a wonderful day my friend. :)


SusiSunshine said...

Your blog anagram just cracked me up. Spit my coffee on the carpet.LOL

So many good books coming out! And I still got so many at home. I definitely need more time.
Love you Post!

Stacy~ said...

Wow, these are amazing posts! I always find out something when I stop by here. Excellent information. You really put a lot of work into your posts, and we appreciate it :)

Chris said...

Thanks for the mention, and of course, for all the great info in your Tuesday posts! *gets back to work*

Marnie said...

Thanks for the heads up... I can't wait to get some of these books.

Unknown said...

Thanks for all your work on these posts... lots of great info.

Donna said...

E.H. - Today was a big release day. Several on the list I'll be getting for sure.

pattepoilue - Thanks! *blushes*

Leontine - Looks like I'll be hanging out your place this month. :)

Michelle - You're welcome, I figure if I link others' reviews on new release day, it's another way to meet new bloggers and help decide if the book is for you or not. My son thinks the new ownership for Marvel will be a good thing, he's a big comic book fan of Marvel. - LOL on your anagram name!!!

SusiSunshine - Yikes! I know what you mean about new books vs what you have to read already but who can resist? ;)

Stacy - Thanks, I appreciate you telling me, gives me more motivation. :)

Chris - You're welcome! Glad you could "sneak" away for bit and visit. *grins*

MarnieColette & Shellie - You're welcome!! Hope you both find something in this mountain of information.

Smokinhotbooks said...

Love G.A Aiken aka Shelley Laruenston - I feel like I've been hiding under a rock this week, glad I stopped by so I can rush to the bookstore and spend all my hard earned money on books *sigh*

Donna said...

K.C. - I plan on getting to Ms. Aiken's books in the very near future, many people have said so many very delicious things about this series. What happened to the book budget? Here today, gone tomorrow? LOL!

Keri said...

Hey Donna, I have an award for you!

Donna said...

Thank you Keri! That's super nice of you! :)

SciFiGuy said...

Donna I love the way you linked the current release list to reviews, what a terrific idea (and of course thanks for all the links). And a great news recap to boot. I'll be linking to you this weekend. I tried the anagram for "Doug Knipe - Scifiguy" and got ... wait for it ... "YOUNG PIG IF I SUCKED"

Donna said...

Doug - Thanks! I've always wanted to see something like this on the new releases.

OMG! Your anagram is crazy, not sure what to think of it. I interpreted mine as a crazy, stinky person with uncomfortable panties. *grins*

Janicu said...

I also like the way you linked to early reviews of these books. Helps! :)

Donna said...

Janicu - Thanks! That's why I put them there. :)

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